April 29th, 2007


Guess which scandal you're being distracted with today, America?

So it looks like Randall Tobias, a member of the Dubya administration who made funding for anti-AIDS groups contingent on signing anti-prostitution oaths, has been caught repeatedly hiring escorts. And the press and the people are shocked - SHOCKED, I SAY! - that some DC politician might in fact be a total scumbag. Oh, the surprise!!

Regardless of your views on prostitution, answer me this...

We have one man in high office who took the country to war based on false information if not outright lies, has killed 3,000+ American soldiers and possibly up to 500,000 Iraqis, and resists any attempt to stop the slaughter.

And then there's this other guy - he hired an escort for consentual sex. Er, sorry, for massages. Yeah, that's it.

Which of these two deserves to be kicked out of office and run out of town on a rail more? The mass murderer, or the john?

But keep on calling for Tobias's head, there, America. I'm sure firing one vice-secretary will case a massive change in DC. Yeah. Sure will. Keep sending that message to DC! Or maybe send a massage - evidently Dubya's cabinet actually listens to people who send massages.

P.S. Your soldiers don't want to be in Iraq.