June 29th, 2007


Guess who Ben doesn't want to see elected any more?

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama laid out list of political shortcomings he sees in the Bush administration but said he opposes impeachment for either President George W. Bush or Vice President Dick Cheney.

Obama said he would not back such a move, although he has been distressed by the "loose ethical standards, the secrecy and incompetence" of a "variety of characters" in the administration.

"There's a way to bring an end to those practices, you know: vote the bums out," the presidential candidate said, without naming Bush or Cheney. "That's how our system is designed."


I'm sure all the people whose sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands and wives are dying every single day in Iraq would agree with you there, Barak.

Please go die in a fire.

A breakthrough in general parallel computing?

In 1979, Vishkin, a pioneer in parallel computing, began his work on developing a theory of parallel algorithms that relied on a mathematical model of a parallel computer, since, at that time, no viable parallel prototype existed. By 1997, advances in technology enabled him to begin building a prototype desktop device to test his theory; he and his team completed the device in December 2006.

The prototype device's physical hardware attributes are strikingly ordinary/standard computer components executing at 75 MHz. It is the device's parallel architecture, ease of programming and processing performance relative to other computers with the same clock speed that get people's attention.

Vishkin, a professor in the Clark School's electrical and computer engineering department and the University of Maryland Institute for Advanced Computer Studies (UMIACS), explained the advantage of parallel processing like this: "Suppose you hire one person to clean your home, and it takes five hours, or 300 minutes, for the person to perform each task, one after the other," Vishkin said. "That's analogous to the current serial processing method. Now imagine that you have 100 cleaning people who can work on your home at the same time! That's the parallel processing method."

"The software challenge is: Can you manage all the different tasks and workers so that the job is completed in 3 minutes instead of 300." Vishkin continued. "Our algorithms make that feasible for general-purpose computing tasks for the first time."

Vishkin and his team are now demonstrating their technology, which in future devices could include 1,000 processors on a chip the size of a finger nail, to government and industry groups. To show how easy it is to program, Vishkin is also providing access to the prototype to students at Montgomery Blair High School in Montgomery County, Md.


I'd like some more detail about the special programming environment this guy has come up with for his parallel chip. But if this guy really has come up with a efficient general algorithm for dividing up a serial process into parallel pieces, he's probably just earned an ACM Turing award. At the very least.

Dear Dems: YOU are part of the problem.

The House of Representatives just narrowly defeated an amendment to deny funds to operate Vice President Dick Cheney’s office. Cheney had insisted that his office is exempt from Executive Department oversight by arguing that he is not part of that department. Rep. Rahm Emanuel proposed the amendment as a counter to that incredible claim.

The measure was defeated 209-217, with most Republicans and 24 Democrats siding with Cheney. GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul of Texas and Walter Jones of North Carolina voted in favor of defunding Cheney’s office.


Gee Congress, I wonder why your approval ratings are lower than the president's? Gee, I wonder why Dubya believes that he can get away with anything, legal or not? Gee, I wonder...

Bet you're going to fucking roll right over and, just like always, be the good little lapdogs you are and do nothing of substance in reponse to Dubya refusing the subpoena you recently issued, too. You dickless, stinking cowards.