July 5th, 2007


Kids these days have all the fun: Explosives Summer Camp

At the 2007 Summer Explosives Camp you will have the unique opportunity to have hands-on learning experience with explosives: the first and only camp of its kind! The course will comprise a variety of lectures, demonstrations, handling & shooting of explosives, field trips, projects and culminate in the setup and shooting of a fireworks display. It will encompass detonators, high explosives, blasting agents, rock blasting, display fireworks and demolition. You will have a behind- the-scenes look at how explosives are used in industry and in entertainment. But the number one thing that you will do at the Summer Explosives Camp is have fun!




When I wuz your age, sonny, we didn't have none of them summer camps where we got to blow stuff up with explosives! All we got to do was fry anthills with a magnifying glass! When it was cloudy out! And our magnifying glass was enourmous and heavy! AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!!!