July 8th, 2007


"I was just a boy when the San Francisco PD came for my goats..."

More than 200 goats needlessly suffocated to death in an overturned livestock trailer near San Francisco because police would not let their herder free them, their owner said on Saturday.

"They were screaming, screaming, screaming to get out,' said Terri Oyarzun, owner of Goats R Us, an Orinda, California, company that rents goats for grazing brush that poses fire hazards. "They died because the police wouldn't let them out of the trailer."

In all 243 goats died on Friday after the four-tier truck trailer transporting them flipped when the truck's driver made a sharp turn on a street in San Rafael, California, a town in Marin County north of San Francisco.

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The best way to browse databases: Oracle's SQL Developer.


Someone at work clued me in to this, and it is the absolute shiznit. If you have to work with big databases, multiple databases (either Oracle or MySQL), or just hate the fact that you can't hit up-arrow to get your last SQL statement back in sqlplus, get this NOW. It's all in Java, so all you gotta do is download and run it. No install, works on any platform, doesn't touch the registry on windows, etc.

Edit: Cut/paste doesn't seem to work almost anywhere. Big annoyance. Almost looks intentional. I'd still urge you to get a copy of this purely for browsing DBs though.

It's "free" (beer) but you will have to provide some personal information to be able to download it. I regret to inform you that the username "screwyou" with email address "ithinknot@tempinbox.com" is already taken. ;]