September 23rd, 2007


Security arrangements for the gixxer.

So my mom just took away my excuse for not riding much. For a birthday present, she rented me 3 months worth of a 10x5' storage locker in N. Boulder so I can store my bike a bit closer than the previous 30 minute drive.

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The storage locker door is made of aluminium (:eye-roll:) slats that could probably be bashed in, or just snapped in half, by anyone willing to drag a sledge-hammer over a 6' chain-link fence. The locking mechanism of the door is also ghetto. About waist-height on either side of the door are what amount to pieces of square tubing that slide side-to-side in channels embedded in the door. There are corresponding holes in the door frame so the pieces of tube can slide outward, slip into the holes, and lock the door in place. It's basically a barrel-bolt setup... if barrel bolts were made out of hollow, square aluminium tube. When I went to inspect the locker, I found that one of the tubes was bent outward a little bit in the middle, as if someone had once attempted to pry a padlock off. Also, this place is across the street from the local strip club. So in summary, I'm not real confident about the security arrangements.

In the spirit of multi-layered defense, I'd like to secure the bolts on both sides of the door. But I don't want to buy two locks, or have to carry two keys, have to remember two combinations, etc. Anyone have any ideas about what I can do to secure the other bolt without buying another lock? I'd rather not have to machine said device myself, so anything I can buy off the shelf and either not modify or modify only a tiny bit would be best.

One last little roadblock - The slot on the right side is large enough to admit the 3/8" diameter shackle of the padlock I used. But the slot on the other side is narrower, only about 1/8". So anything that secures the other side has to be able to be inserted and removed through a 1/8" x 2" slot.

I have some ideas on how to do this... but I'm curious to hear what people on the f-list think.

P.S. Let's assume that a thief won't haul an acetelyne tank and cutting torch over the fence. Cuz if he does, the door could be made of two foot thick steel and it wouldn't matter - he'd just cut through the cheap-ass sheet metal walls of the storage building and take the bike that way.

P.P.S. Anyone who suggests a shaped charge placed under the seat of the bike, pointing upward, wins for mad science but goes straight to jail for setting up a lethal booby-trap. Which is almost as illegal as outright murder, at least here in Colorado. ;]
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