October 5th, 2007


Scattered outbreaks of The Future(TM) detected.

In the future, there will exist a wonderous device. This device, which will weigh less than 5 oz, will measure 4" by 2.5" by an incredible 0.3" thick. It will be small enough to fit in your pocket and carry everywhere. Using advanced radio frequency technology in the low gigahertz band, it will enable you to tap into an enourmous global information network, allowing you to access videos and news stories from all around the globe - or just write a letter to your friend. The front of the device will be almost entirely occupied by a bright, clear, full-color display. The user will interact with the device merely by touching the screen! With all this wonderous technology, you'd expect this device to be very expensive. But in fact, it will only cost 1/10th of an average person's monthly wages. And despite its tiny size, the device will be able to hold thousands of music clips, or tens of hours of video - gigabytes of data in all.

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