October 7th, 2007


Posting from bed

Ever been lying in bed, and wanted to know something from the Interwebz, but hated the idea of getting out of bed, waiting for your computer to boot, etc just for some trivial little fact? Well, the iPod Touch is GREAT in this situation. Here I am, lying snugly warm in bed, posting to LJ. Fifteen seconds ago, I typed "convert 13 km to miles" into Google and found out that my run today was 8.04 miles. Then for good measure I looked up "heart rate" on wikipedia to see if a resting pulse of 80 and a high under heavy exercise of 200 were reasonable. Turns out those are both dead average.

The kb is still way small, but as you can see I'm getting better with it. Cutting my pinky nail real short helped a lot.

Still feeling amazed and gratified that I have something with a screen the size of a credit card that allows me to surf all the websites I really care about, and even post to lj.

Alright, sleepy now. Good night!