October 13th, 2007

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

AT&T tapped *all* internet traffic for the NSA... starting in Feb 2001.

The project was described in the ATT sales division documents as calling for the construction of a facility to store and retain data gathered by the NSA from its domestic and foreign intelligence operations but was to be in actuality a duplicate ATT Network Operations Center for the use and possession of the NSA that would give the NSA direct, unlimited, unrestricted and unfettered access to all call information and internet and digital traffic on ATT's long distance network.

The NSA program was initially conceived at least one year prior to 2001 but had been called off; it was reinstated within 11 days of the entry into office of defendant George W. Bush. An ATT Solutions logbook reviewed by counsel confirms the Pioneer-Groundbreaker project start date of February 1, 2001.



And despite this, the Dems are still aren't going to impeach Bush. Why? Because they're fucking dickless, craven cowards of the highest order. Freedom hating crypto-fascists who regard the Bill of Rights as little more than toilet paper. Good little lapdog cronies who will roll over for Bush, every single time he commands them to.

The Dems are in no sense an "opposition" party. They share Bush's goals of power for the sake of power, and fuck the little people every chance you can get. They simply want the dictatorship that Bush is trying to establish to be run by them instead of him.

Do you know how fucked up the Dems are? Watch this video. "We're afraid if we impeach that Bush will declare martial law"! The sheer, screaming bass-ackwardness of this statement completely blows my mind. Impeachment was designed specifically to remove the kind of people who would declare martial law to stay in power!

And YOU are going to sit there passively and let them do it. Because that's what you are - a bunch of fucking cowards. You deserve the politicians you're getting. YOU elected them, and now you refuse to recall them or (better yet) openly revolt. Remember that, America. YOU are standing by and watching this happen without a single cry of protest, at this very moment.