October 19th, 2007


A real liberal to the spineless Dems in Congress: "Suck it."

I stopped her from continuing with the script. "I'm a very active Democrat," I told her, "and I'm not giving the Democratic Congressionial Campaign Committee a nickel until they stop the war, which they can do now, immediately, by not voting to approve any more funding."

When I write things like this, criticizing the Democrats, I usually get one or two cancellations from Dems who think I am too hard on Nancy Pelosi and her ineffective, non-responsive crew. All I can say is that the Dems will keep screwing us, their constituents, if we don't make it totally clear to them that we are wise to them and their bullshit - that we know they could stop the war by ending funding by NOT voting on legislation.


This is more like it. Hit those spineless, Cheney-fellating cowards where it really hurts them. Recalling them would be better, but this is at least slightly effective. Unlike, say, marching on DC. Which will accomplish absolutely nothing because our leaders simply do not give a god damn about what we say. You can try and explain to those fuck-headed morons that the whole idea behind being the people's "representative" is that you, you know, REPRESENT US... but frankly I'm almost certain that they wouldn't listen, any more than they've listened to anyone who isn't holding a campaign contribution check for tens of thousands of dollars.

Why hasn't Pelosi been recalled yet? Don't tell me that not enough people in San Francisco are outraged by her behavior.

You know what I really, truly want? I want politics to GO THE FUCK AWAY. I want those dumb shitheads in DC to fade back into the background, so I don't have to care about what they do anymore. Please, continue getting blowjobs from interns! Blowjobs, all day long! Just STOP KILLING PEOPLE! When you kill people, I can't ignore you any more!