October 23rd, 2007


Quick notes on the Touch.


I don't agree with most of his list. My Touch has not crashed yet, not even on image-heavy pages. Of course, I am smarter than the rest of you fools, and I did turn off JavaScript in Safari. Which probably explains everything right there.

The screen still feels too small. No surprise. If the screen were the size of the whole front of the device, it would probably still be too small. Comes with the territory in a portable device. We'll get head-mounted displays going eventually. Until then we'll all just suffer with small screens.

I really, really hate having to hold down the home button for 6 seconds to make an app close. It should be 2-3 seconds. It's extremely annoying when I can sit there holding the button down and count "one... two... three" and the app still hasn't closed. Guys, UR DOIN IT RONG. You can bet I'll be hacking that little misfeature...

I totally agree with the no email or notepad application complaint. I'm having to take notes by making new contacts in the address book. :P I'll be stealing the iPhone email and notes applications ASAP - we already know they work. I've also installed a VT100 terminal emulator and SSH so I can remote login using the Touch. Emergencies only on that one, though - as noted before, the keyboard reallllly sucks ass. Not so bad in landscape mode, by for some reason the VT100 em refuses to flip around when I rotate the Touch. Just stays stuck in portrait mode all the time.

This thing would have been the coolest gadget ever in about 2k4, when nobody ever encrypted their WiFi. These days, it's often tough to find an open AP when I'm not at work or home.

But so far, my only real, major complaint is that Google (of all people!) made their Touch page dependent on JavaScript. No shit! You cannot click on any search result link if you have turned JavaScript off! Evidently, Google has never heard of this whole <a href=> tag. Well, you know, it is pretty new tech - it was only invented in 1992... FIFTEEN YEARS AGO. And it's not like the whole frikkin' point of HyperText Markup Language was to allow people to, you know... click on words! It's not as if Tim Berners-Lee invented HTML for that exact purpose, or something. It's not like that's the exact goddamn definition of HyperText, or anything! So, you know, no big deal... you WHORES!!
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