October 28th, 2007

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

I don't know why I continue to bother telling you that you're stupid as hell, America.

March organizers put their number at 30,000 - old, young, workers, students, religious leaders. Police declined to give a formal estimate, but onlookers said the demonstrators definitely numbered more than 10,000. They filled up Market Street for several blocks, shouting that U.S. troops should be brought home and carrying banners decrying the war.

Before the march began, demonstrators gathered in front of City Hall to hear speakers berate the Bush administration and call on Americans to stand up against the war. Organizers said part of the reason for staging this protest was to mark that it is now five years since Congress voted to authorize the use of U.S. force in Iraq.



and everywhere across america, no one cared.


My fellow liberals, you do not learn from experience. When 100k took to the streets in 2k3 in protest of the beginning of the Iraq war, 4-odd years ago, it was by some accounts the biggest protest the city had ever seen in history. Did it do anything, anything at all, to stop (or even slow down) the invasion of Iraq? HELL NO!

The whole notion of protest is founded upon the idea that the government cares what the people think. Either because they genuinely care, or because they fear losing the next election. Well, we are no longer in a situation where the government gives a god damn what its people think! And the sooner you morons wake your stupid asses up and smell that fucking coffee, the better.

Since I know you're all a little (little!) slow, let me explain in small words:

Bush is at the end of his term-limit, and cannot be re-elected. Thus he does not give a shit what anyone, anywhere thinks. He's going to keep on doing what he wants no matter how much you protest. There is one, and ONLY one way to stop him: remove him from office.

Your "representatives" in Congress... they don't give a shit about you either. I'm not sure why they don't (I have a few suspicions), but they have repeatedly said that they're not going to impeach. Especially adamant has been that slimeball, Pelosi, that you guys there in SF elected. By the way, why the fuck did you elect that NeoCon running-dog?? Were you not paying attention when, BEFORE her election, she went in front of the cameras and pledged never to impeach in front of the entire world? Why haven't you recalled her since then? Why aren't you doing everything humanly possible to recall her now?

But no, let's not do that. Instead let's lie down in the street for 60 seconds. That's going to cause change! Yup! Sure! Cuz it worked so good last time, Billy-Joe Jim-Bob!

Jesus fucking christ, you people are stupid as shit...

Chip magicians at work: Patching at 45 nm

A processor suffering from an 'inexplicable' problem will receive a special treatment. First, the standard metal heat spreader is removed. Next, the protective layer that lies underneath is stripped from the chip, leaving only 10µm from the original 750µm. The chip is subsequently placed within a specially designed test socket with a pure-diamond heatsink. Diamond is a pretty good thermal conductor, but, more importantly, it is also transparent.

As it happens, one of silicon's lesser known properties is that it is also transparent: not to the naked eye, but infrared can penetrate it. Hence a very precise laser can be used to see what goes on inside the chip. For this purpose, Intel has a custom built machine costing 2.6 million dollars at its disposal, allowing it to scrutinize the individual transistors to check whether they are live or not, and this with picosecond accuracy - a millionth of a millionth of a second. It lets Intel see quite literally where and how fast the transistors switch.

One of the interesting features of the test platforms that are used, is the possibility to slow down the chip clock. The operator of the machine can choose to go from billions of ticks per second to a single tick, allowing human eyes to follow what is going on. With the same ease the clock can be stopped altogether. If needed, that gives the engineers the luxury to be able to stare for two hours at a situation that would normally be over in a fraction of a nanosecond.

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