November 14th, 2007


Busy, busy, busy.

I have about ten different URLs I want to post, but work has been busy enough that I don't have time. Maybe later in the week. For now, I simply whip the curtain aside for a brief moment and give you the following peek into Ben's life....

We were all at software iteration planning on Monday, and while there were several hilarious comments, this one was probably the best:

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This is your computer. This is your computer on Firefox.

Each block in the image represents 4096 bytes in memory. Things range from solid black which are completely used to white which are mostly free. Light green blocks are completely free pages. I’ve highlighted those because the OS could page them out if it wanted to. You’ll notice there aren’t very many light green squares...

Any questions?
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Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Ye big old post o' political HAET. - NOOOOOOOOOOO! Prohibition doesn't work? REALLY??? \n//!!! - Kick back, watch it crumble. See the drowning, watch the fall. Dinosaurs will die. - I've always thought that this whole "Don't get angry! Don't be angry!" thing is just more manipulative bullshit on the part of the politicians. They KNOW anger is a powerful catalyst for change. They KNOW it makes people far less likely to tolerate bullshit. And they also damn well KNOW that they have earned a savage beat-down. - Dems "worse than failure" is right. With maybe one or two exceptions, every last one of them is a fucking NeoCon running dog. - Oh, SURRRRREEEE the Dems will oppose any further war funding. Sure will! Because they've successfully done so the last 40 fucking times, haven't they? Yup! Uh-huh. You fucking lying, weasel, slimy politicians... you're lying and you know it!

I'm not even going to try and provide links to all the article that show how the Dubya Admn are fucking us all over, both as a country and individually. There's no post long enough to contain all those links. But I did find this one particularly amusing. Is America going to sit still for this? YOU BETCHA!! Nobody's gonna do a damn thing about it! Because that's what we are - fucking cowards.

Lastly... - Will you STOP POSTING THIS DUMB CRAP ABOUT POLITICIANS' SEX LIVES?? Let me explain this to you: I don't give a damn if Hillary is boffing her secretary. I don't care if Dubya likes to be tied up. And if 20 Republican senators want to have a gay orgy in an airport bathroom - have at it! I don't care! This is not an important issue! What is? PEOPLE ARE DYING EVERY DAY IN IRAQ! More soldiers died in Iraq this year than ever before! (Gee, I wonder why?) So quit with this picayune bullshit and let's talk about something that actually matters! Like saving the lives of our soldiers!! (And of a ton of innocent Iraqis, also. But I know that nobody in America gives a damn about them - they have brown skin.)