November 19th, 2007


Dear Colorado weather.

It's Nov 19th. As in, it will be Thanksgiving on Thursday. And it's 70 degrees and sunny out.

I... I like this. I like this very much! Thank you!

(How come nobody ever mentions the GOOD things about Global Warming, huh?)
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Google's at $650/share? Time to buy!

Google shows every sign of remaining one of the healthiest companies in history. It will not likely see any big fall in its fortunes. While amidst recent market turmoil its stock is down 16% from its recent high of $747 to about $629 as of Thursday, I suspect that just means now is a good time to buy.

Only a fool thinks he can time the market. But I'll stick my neck wayyy out on this one: Google will hit $1k/share within three years of today. Probably within two years of today - it depends on how bad the housing crunch gets. If that sounds insane to you, remember that it's nearly 2k8. I'm just saying that Google will definitely go $1k/share by 2011, and maybe by 2010.[1]

Google hit a brief decline here at $750 because stock traders got spooked by history. They know it's dot com boom 2.0 right now. And since Netscape topped out at $774 in boom 1.0, everyone was looking for that magic level where Google would top out just like Netscape did.

Here's the thing, though - Google is not Netscape! Not by a long shot. Unlike Netscape and their web browser, Microsoft can't give away an inferior product to destroy the market... because Google already gives away their main product for free! Microsoft has already tried (arguably, has already failed) to compete with Google in the search space. That game is pretty much over, and even Microsoft knows it.

I wish I had money to invest right now. I also wish I had had some money to buy Google when it started out at $150/share. Hell, while I'm wishing, can I have Jennifer Connelly and a black Tesla Roadster? Yeah...

[1] Take careful note of what I'm NOT predicting here. I'm NOT predicting that Google stock will go up immediately. I'm NOT even predicting that it won't fall to $450/share before going back up. Also, I'm NOT going to even venture a guess about how much higher than $1k it might go before the inevitable crash and burn occurs.
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