November 23rd, 2007


In Texas till Sunday

I'm hanging out with the horses, steers, turkeys and relatives in Gainesville TX. Be back Sunday afternoon/evening. Hope everyone had a good Turkey Day.

Edit: Those of you unfamiliar with Texas may find the ED article on Dallas instructive:

Thousands of people move to the area each year because of the "good schools" and "family-oriented values of the communities." They obviously have overlooked places like Oak Cliff (Niggerville), Oak Lawn (Fag City), South Dallas (extension of Oak Cliff), Mesquite (Redneck Capital of the USA), and choose to ignore the sea of suburban hell known as everything else (Richardson, Carrollton, Plano, Irving, Arlington, Grand Prairie, etc.)


A-kon is probably the South's biggest anime convention which is held at the Adam Mark's Hotel. Tons of weirdo cosplayers there.


"Dallas" is renowned as the home of the Dallas Magpies. There are also a number of less interesting sports teams based in the area.

Rousing games of "Let's Shoot the President in the Head" have gone out of fashion since 1963.

Thanks j_b!