November 24th, 2007


Video of Sarcos's exoskeleton.

I've known about the Sarcos exo for a while (too lazy to go dig up the old link that I posted a year or so back) and I think it's way cool tech. How much longer before Shiro style landmates?

Couple of criticisms though. First, it looks like it's powered by batteries. (For the demo it was tethered, so who knows what the real one actually uses.) Second, the soles of the shoes are ridiculously thick. Strangely, I was thinking of some ways around that just last week. Don't know if I can get sufficient precision out of the sensor I have in mind, and thermal stability will be an issue, but if it works... I think I can do force sensors in about 1/5th the thickness seen there. Also I think eventually some sort of pivoting toe section is going to be necessary. The load lifting capacity is a good start, but I hope it will go up dramatically as time goes on.

Thanks to j_b for the link!
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"Not an angel"

"So many lives are on the breeze... even the stars are ill at ease."

(Video courtesy of omg_too_soon.)

I find this video amusing on multiple levels. On one level I wish to project a hip, ironic, unconcerned attitude towards what is in truth kind of a scary situation. On another level, I'm chortling and rubbing my hands together chanting: "Burn, Hollywood, burn!" Lastly, I like the flamethrower camera imagery in this video - the implication that the media is treating the whole thing like just another spectacle to be used in grabbing ratings.

"Somewhere high in the desert near a curtain of a blue, St. Anne's skirts are billowing!
But down here in the city of the lime lights... the fans of Santa Ana are withering.
It's go-time for dry climes... and bedlam is dreaming of rain.

When the hills of Los(t) Angeles are burning...
palm trees are candles in the murder wind.
So many lives are on the breeze.
Even the stars are ill at ease!
And Los Angeles is burnin'..."
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