November 27th, 2007


What's wrong with Detroit? Gee, let me think...

Did you ever ask yourself: "Self, why are Detroit and the big 3 American auto makers dying a horrible, nasty, slow, painful death?"

Wonder no more.

Ooooooh, 22 MPG highway! That's 2 mpg less than my V6, twin-turbo 300ZX! And nobody in their right mind would call that environmentally friendly. You want an economy car? How about my '94 Honda Civic hatchback? 42 mpg highway! It's not even a hybrid - standard 4 banger!

Greenwashing is such a common practice now that everyone in the world is claiming that everything under the sun is "green." Oil companies make TV commercials full of green fields and smiling people. Even Dow Chemical (maker of Agent Orange) is doing it.

Frankly, having given up on humanity quite some time ago, I'm just sitting back and watching in amusement as you stupid morons poison yourselves to slow cancerous deaths and kill each other for no reason at all. Having a good time over there, are we?

Oh, these post-ironic times...

(See also the 50 MPG Hummer.)