December 6th, 2007

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

OF COURSE Bush is lying about Iran. You idiots.

This business with the new NIE report on Iran and the revelation of the further astonishing bad faith by Bush and Cheney on little matters such as, oh... WAR... raises again the issue of impeachment.

If having lied yet again about such matters doesn't constitute grounds for impeachment, pray WHAT DOES?

But the Democrats who control this issue in Congress, Conyers and Pelosi, shake their wise heads and say: Sorry, we just don't have the votes.

Really? Apart from how then will we ever have a chance at an accounting of the radical criminality (no hyperbole) of this Administration, I want to point out this:

Pushing impeachment will not just be a vote count session in Congress. That is a false reductio of the phenomenon. Starting impeachment hearings will launch a social dynamo that will effect the vote count, I can't see how not. Start some serious impeachment activity and you will have media and newspapers--I'll bet on the NY Times, whose editorial board seems wised up to what's happening--calling for impeachment.

You will get masses of folk out in the street everyday, in Washington, in every big and little corner of this country, calling for these usurpers to be evicted from the body politic. (For starters.)

The fact that starting impeachment hearings would snowball into an avalanche is exactly why Pelosi WON'T do it, ever. She knows quite well what would happen if a serious effort to impeach Bush were to be started. Pelosi is not your friend, my fellow liberals. She is a neo-con running dog who is intentionally shielding Bush from impeachment. Her actions have proven it over and over again.

As for Bush, OF COURSE he's lying. Or maybe he's just insane. It really doesn't matter. Either way, he must be taken out of the White House before he can do any more damage to the USA.

Which is exactly what's not gonna happen. Why? Because America is too damn stupid to live.