December 14th, 2007


"Wm7 and 8 will fix everything"! Oh, sure they will!!

We just got the scoop from Microsoft on Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 8, the two upcoming platforms that will fix what is undeniably broken about the Windows Mobile platform to date. Turns out, Microsoft knows exactly what's wrong with the WM platform, and it knows what to do to fix it.

Yeah, sure they will. Uh huh. Yup. Just like Windows98 was the best OS ever! And just like MicroSoft fixed everything that was wrong with that by releasing WindowsME!

As someone who is currently developing code under WM5/6, let me state my strong conviction that MicroSoft will not come anywhere close to fixing WindowsMobile with 6 and 7. Why? Because they don't have the first clue what people actually want out of a mobile device.

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It's obvious what's going on here. MS execs fear the iPhone. As well they should - because the iPhone is going to destroy WindowsMobile. (Arguably, already has destroyed WM.) But this is a good thing, because WindowsMobile absolutely deserves to lose.