December 20th, 2007


Do-do-do-do-don't taze me bro!

IEEE Spectrum article on tasers. Talks in detail about how the electrical signals from the taser make your skeletal muscles lock up, but how they're much less likely to screw with your heartbeat.

Via bruce_schneier.

I'm somewhat ambivalent about tasers. I think that, forced to choose, I'd much rather be tased than shot. On the other hand, it seems that police officers are increasingly reaching for their taser when harsh language would be more than adequate.

I think what we have here is a case of trying to put a technological band-aid on a problem that's caused by the inherent nature of human beings. You can't stop people from being lazy, or uncaring about other people's pain - not even if those people are police officers. The stats show that fatal shootings go down when police officers have tasers. But I suspect similiar studies would show that tasings go up when police officers have tasers. If you give someone a tool, they're more likely to use it. Shocking.

So, while tasers are an improvement over guns, they're not an instant solution to all of our problems. If only life were that easy...
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Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Hell freezes over as a Democrat in congress speaks plain truth.

"This is not the lunatic fringe - this is mainstream America," Wexler said. These are "people that believe in the very patriotic vision, and they’re all very upset about what they see as the abuse of power by this administration and the failure of Congress to hold them accountable."

Well holy shit... did he just state aloud the screamingly, bleedingly obvious? I didn't think that was allowed in DC!

Wexler said he has been "astonished" by the outpouring of support

That's because you spend most of your time inside the beltway, you moran. In case you haven't noticed, truth has been considered obselete inside the beltway for several decades if not longer.

On the other hand, it's nice to know that the Democratic leadership are just as much of a bunch of NeoCon enabler running-dog fuckheads as ever:

AMY GOODMAN: Since last week, over 100,000 people have signed a petition on Congressman Wexler’s website supporting impeachment hearings. And we’re wondering, Congressman Conyers, now with your committee members taking up this issue, an issue that you actually long championed, what your feelings are today. Will you be supporting them in this?

REP. JOHN CONYERS: Well, no...

Conyers then goes on to say, essentially: "We just don't have enough time to impeach both Cheney and Bush now." This is, of course, pure bullshit. And it conveniently skirts the issue of exactly who has wasted the last 18 months doing absolutely fucking nothing.
straight to hell

Don't poke the (large) cat, Dad.

Fifty years old Jayaprakash Bezbaruah, father of two, was yesterday attacked and killed by a tiger. The whole family were visiting the zoo Gauhati in north-eastern India and when they came to the cage with Bengali tigers the man started photographing. He was not satisfied with the images and wanted a close up shot. He ignored the rules and climbed over the small fence separating the visitors from the actual cage.

He went close to the iron bars but still wanted better pictures. He therefor decided to put his hand and camera inside the cage in between the bars. That he should not have done. The moment the tigers noticed what he was doing they attacked. In front of a dozen shocked visitors they grabbed the mans arm.

"I guess somebody didn't tell him the zoo was a rip-off."

"Actually, they were running a half-price deal. It normally costs an arm AND a leg."

"The tiger must have wanted that camera really bad..."

"I asked a friend of mine from Bangladesh if he wanted to go to the zoo and see the tigers. He said no, his cousin was eaten by one and he really didn't like them that much."

"But at least the tigers liked his cousin very much. (burp)"

"If only stupidity was painful."