February 18th, 2008


CINT - An interpreter for C programs.

CINT is a C/C++ interpreter aimed at processing C/C++ scripts. Scripts are programs performing specific tasks. Generally execution time is not critical, but rapid development is. Using an interpreter the compile and link cycle is dramatically reduced facilitating rapid development. CINT makes C/C++ programming enjoyable even for part-time programmers. CINT is written in C++ itself (slightly less than 400,000 lines of code). It is used in production by several companies in the banking, integrated devices, and even gaming environment, and of course by ROOT, making it the default interpreter for a large number of high energy physicists all over the world.

CINT covers most of ANSI C and ISO C++. A CINT script can call compiled classes/functions and compiled code can make callbacks to CINT interpreted functions. Utilities like makecint and rootcint automate the process of embedding compiled C/C++ library code as shared objects (as Dynamic Link Library, DLL, or shared library, .so). Source files and shared objects can be dynamically loaded/unloaded without stopping the CINT process. CINT offers a gdb like debugging environment for interpreted programs.


This is a great idea. When you really, really want to prototype rapidly and debug quickly, there's nothing like an interpreted language. But once you have the major bugs ironed out, you can take the same exact code and compile it and keep all the speed benefits.

Ten most meaningful video game quotes of all time.


The list is a little bit heavily weighted towards recent games. Also, the author really goes off hard on Resident Evil. I freely admit that the dialog in Resident Evil is completely god-awful. But that's actually something I like about the game - the dialog is so unbelievably bad it's actually funny as hell. "Master of unlocking!" "I'll be examining this." "Jill sandwich. Right!"

Also, I have to give the author big props for including HL 2: Ep 2 in this list. Though it was overshadowed by Portal, in my opinion HL 2: Ep 2 is actually a better game, overall, than Portal. Anyone who knows me knows that I love Portal to death, so understand how good HL 2: Ep 2 must be in order for me to say that! I think HL 2: Ep 2 is the best game of 2007. I rank it higher than Portal or BioShock. Really.