March 7th, 2008


Ten questions for Hillary supporters.

1. When did Sen. Clinton cross the Commander-in-Chief threshold?

2. Was it before or after October 11, 2002 when she flunked the biggest foreign policy test of her career and voted to authorize the war in Iraq?

3. How can a candidate claim to be ready on Day One when on Day 646 of her senate career she voted for a war without reading the 90-page National Intelligence Estimate that so convinced senate colleague Bob Graham the war was a mistake?

4. Are you okay with the Clinton campaign darkening Sen. Obama's complexion in its ads and would you be okay with it if that's what it took to win the nomination?


10. Are you looking forward to another I-was-for-the-war-before-I-was-against-it general election campaign?

I don't contest Hillary's (or anyone's) right to run. What I do question is the IQ of the people who are voting for her. I simply do not understand what you people see in her. In every way that I can think of, she's an inferior candidate to Obama. Even the Republicans know it - Rush has asked Repubs to cross party lines and vote for Hillary in order to weaken Obama, because he knows that Obama will kick McCain's tail all over the map. Is the fact that the Repubs are deathly afraid of Obama not good enough for you people?? I know, I know - you can't reason someone out of a position that they didn't reason themselves into in the first place...

BTW, the darkening Obama thing? Go for it! Everyone knows Obama is black, and nobody cares. Make him coal black if you want. Seriously, no one gives a damn. You're just making yourself look like a washed-up old racist idiot who's so dumb and out of touch that you still think that kinda stuff matters. Also, though the final counts aren't in, it is very likely that you will narrowly lose to Obama in Texas when both the Primary and the Caucus votes (Texas does both) are all counted up. Drag it out with lawsuits all you want, but you're going down in the Lone Star state.