March 9th, 2008


I, for one, welcome our space-station repairing Canadian robo-hydra overlords.

Dextre, as the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) has dubbed the device, is a robot with two smaller arms. It is capable of handling the delicate assembly tasks currently performed by astronauts during space walks. Its two arms will allow Dextre to transport objects, use tools, and install and remove equipment on the Space Station. In addition to its two multijointed arms, Dextre will be equipped with lights, video equipment, a tool platform, and four tool holders. Sensors will allow it to “feel” the objects it is dealing with, and automatically react to movements or changes. Four mounted cameras will allow the ISS crew to observe what is going on. Dextre can be attached to the end of the Canadarm2 and placed in position for the work it needs to do. Or, it can ride on the Mobile Base System, and the Canadarm2 can be used to deliver equipment to it.
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