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Adventures in Engineering
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2008-03-26 10:47
  Subject:   80% of your hybrids get worse mileage than my non-hybrid Civic hatchback.
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Top 10 Hybrid Cars for 2008.

Amusing that only two of the ten get better mileage than my plain old, non-hybrid Honda Civic hatchback, which gets a 38-42 MPG per-tank average. And the hybrid Civic is only barely beating me with its 40-45 MPG.

You folks with Prii, I salute you. You are truly driving a fuel efficient car. And the $21k purchase price is eminently reasonable as well. As the article says, "both the most efficient and most affordable hybrid out there." Well done.

The Tahoe hybrid (21/22) is just pathetic. In the city it only barely beats my gas-swilling, 6-cyl twin-turbo 300ZX (18/24), and on the highway it's actually worse! And it costs $50k! This is truly green-washing at its finest. The only saving grace of this thing is that at least it's not a standard Tahoe, which clocks in at 14/17.

Say, I've got an idea for all you yuppy-ass bastards out there. How about you sell your hybrid SUVs and buy a Civic Hatchback instead? What's wrong, is a Civic too working-man, common-people for you? I guess that's a measure of your actual commitment to the environment, innit? Sure, we'll do whatever we can to reduce foreign oil dependence... unless it would be, you know, unfashionable!
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Ben Cantrick
  Date: 2008-03-26 18:36
  Subject:   Gears Of War 2 tech demo.

Ambient occlusion, dynamic fluids, soft-body physics, AI flocking, and destructible environments? Yes please! The new Unreal Engine is looking fantastic.


Watch the video. There's a YouTube version of it up, but the quality there sucks. This one is much better. I think I like the ambient occlusion and destructible environment enhancements best.
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