March 30th, 2008


TSA rules force pilots to lock guns up by running metal bar inside the trigger guard.

Think this'll end well?

TSA HQ: "HAY GUYZ! Let's mandate that pilots on airplanes have to lock up their guns in a way that puts something stiff and metal in the perfect position to accidentally hit the trigger when the gun is jostled!" "Yeah, great idea!!"

(head-desk) (head-desk) (head-desk)

Usually, brain-dead idiots get rule #1 wrong. Not this time. This time they just made a law forcing people to violate rule #2. And I imagine it's common practice to violate rule #3, though it really shouldn't be. But hey, no rule #1 breakage! (All right, all right, I admit - there may not really be a "safe direction" as such on an airplane. Other than at the chest of a hijacker.)