April 4th, 2008


Smashing the state with atheism!

Generally I don't bother posting about fundie crazies bashing on atheists because, well, it's just a little too easy. Fish in a barrel, you know?

But this "god-fearing congressperson vs. atheist congressperson" exchange was just too amusing to pass up!

Davis: I’m trying to understand the philosophy that you want to spread in the state of Illinois. This is the Land of Lincoln. This is the Land of Lincoln where people believe in God, where people believe in protecting their children. What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous, it’s dangerous–

Sherman: What’s dangerous, ma’am?

Davis: It’s dangerous to the progression of this state. And it’s dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists! Now you will go to court to fight kids to have the opportunity to be quiet for a minute. But damn if you’ll go to [court] to fight for them to keep guns out of their hands. I am fed up! Get out of that seat!

Sherman: Thank you for sharing your perspective with me, and I’m sure that if this matter does go to court-

Davis: You have no right to be here! We believe in something. You believe in destroying! You believe in destroying what this state was built upon.

Atheism is corrupting children (exxxcelent!) and DESTROYING THE STATE (even more exxxcelent)!!!

I thought that in order to destroy the state I'd have, you know... recruit a militia, buy a ton of guns, invade DC, kill a buncha people? And here all I gotta do is just not believe in god?

How come nobody told me that being a radical libertarian government-smashing revolutionary was so darn easy?? ;]
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"Who's there?" "Land shark."


I noted the lack of sharks in Far Cry a ways back. I think it's great they fixed that in Crysis, and I'm looking forward to playing it more than ever. Even if the sharks are buggy and occasionally "swim" into the air above the beach.

See also: Shark feeding frenzy, Shark surfing, Crysis shark attack compilation II.

Edit: See also, what happens when you replace the alien monsters in Crysis with.... CHICKENS!
Captain Obvious

As of March 2008, there is no gasoline shortage

Gasoline reserves on hand are at the highest levels since the early 1990s, which is remarkable considering the nation's refineries have been cutting back on the production of gasoline because their margins have declined. In fact, average gasoline reserves on hand have risen since this past October, while oil reserves in this country have gone up virtually every week this year. Only fog in the Houston Ship Channel that kept oil tankers from unloading their crude one week kept it from being every week.

Just so we can all get on the same page, here are the verifiable facts on oil supplies, production, and gasoline demand.

In January of this year, the U.S. used 4% less petroleum than we did a year ago. (Oil demand was down 3.2% in February.) Furthermore, demand has been falling slowly since July of last year. Ronald Bailey of Reason Online has pointed out that worldwide production of oil has risen 2.5% in the first quarter, while worldwide demand has grown by only 2%.

Production is expected to increase by 3.3% in the second quarter, and by as much as 4.1% by the third quarter. The net result is that the U.S. daily buffer for oil production against demand, which was a paltry 1.5 million barrels as recently as 2005, is now up to 3 million barrels in excess capacity today.

So what is going on here? Why would our Energy Secretary say there's a supply and demand problem when none exists? Why would he say that speculators have little or nothing to do with the incredibly high price of oil and gasoline, when it's clear they do? President Bush — a former oilman — gives the ever-growing demand for gasoline as the primary reason prices are so high, yet that notion can be dispelled with one minute of research. That's the problem with rhetoric; it rarely matches the facts.