April 9th, 2008


AMD was right - we do need a new front-side bus.

The radical change in Intel's system bandwidth situation that Intel's new QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) represents is perhaps the largest single factor that shaped Nehalem's design. Between QuickPath and Nehalem's integrated memory controller, a Nehalem processor will have access to an unprecedented amount of aggregate bandwidth, especially in two- and four-socket implementations.

What this means is that Intel no longer has to equip its processors with freakishly large unified caches designed to mitigate the effects of the bandwidth starvation with which Intel platforms currently struggle. The chipmaker is now free to use all of the transistors that Moore's Law affords more flexibly and intelligently, and this freedom has profound effects on every aspect of Nehalem.


Let's not forget who redesigned the front-side bus first.

All this buzz around multicore chips is great... I'd like to be able to buy a PC compat with more than 5 cores now, please? PLEASE? SOMEONE???

Also I'd like my games to be able to use more than 3.5 GB of memory if need be, so can you please fix that problem, MicroSoft? Your OS isn't good for anything else, you could at least make games not suck.