May 6th, 2008

Captain Obvious

Democrats Prepare Sell-Out on Telecom Immunity

As revelations of the Bush administration's illegal surveillance programs continue to expose the criminal nature of the regime in Washington, new reports suggest that House Democrats are preparing to capitulate to the White House on warrantless wiretapping and amnesty for lawbreaking telecoms.

When the Orwellian "Protect America Act" expired in February, Republicans and right-wing Democrats argued that unless the state's covert alliance with giant telecommunications companies were not shielded from congressional oversight or public scrutiny, "Americans would die."

But as Steven Aftergood, the director of the Project on Government Secrecy for the Federation of American Scientists told The New York Times, "If we're to believe that Americans will die from discussing these things, then he is complicit in that. It's an unseemly argument. He's basically saying that democracy is going to kill Americans."

But with "Blue Dog" Democrats on-board with the Bush administration, its more a case of Americans killing their own democracy.

Numerous reports - both public and otherwise - suggest that [Steny] Hoyer is negotiating with Jay Rockefeller to write a new FISA bill that would be agreeable to the White House and the Senate. Their strategy is to craft a bill that they can pretend is something short of amnesty for telecoms but which, in every meaningful respect, ensures an end to the telecom lawsuits. It goes without saying that no "compromise" will be acceptable to Rockefeller or the White House unless there is a guaranteed end to those lawsuits, i.e., unless the bill grants amnesty to lawbreaking telecoms.

Shocking. The same bunch of fascist running-dogs that have sold out America on every other issue are planning to sell out America on this issue too. \\n/ !!
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Captain Obvious

The Daily Show - The candidates open the Panderer's Box

Jon Stewart has some fun at Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s expense as he mocks them for shamelessly pandering to North Carolina and Indiana voters before the primaries.

"With a race this tight, the candidates are pulling out all the stops, and are forced to open... Panderer’s Box."