May 12th, 2008

"Not an angel"

DataStorm - Retrolutionary Wireless Data Transfer Solution!

"I ran across a huge stash of floppies at our office, and after some discussion, it became clear that rather than throw them away, we should build a gun that fires floppies. I had just bought a welder so this was a challenging first project. After about a month of work in my garage at night the DataStorm was born. It was constructed of scrap metal, a kid's bike, a weed-eater motor, and an electric screwdriver. The most difficult task ended up being how to add spin to the disk without significantly reducing its velocity. After a week and a half of trying different options, a stack of zip ties was found to work best. Since we had so much time in it we elected to shoot an infomercial showcasing the device, and had to learn to shoot & edit video as we went. It was basically an office joke that spiraled out of control. My wife is not amused. At all. I hope you like it."
"Not an angel"

Exerpts from William Shatner's new biography.

Leonard and I didn't get along. On the set he remained aloof. He claimed this was partly to maintain the character's integrity. Spock was an outsider and Leonard worried if he got too friendly with the cast he might close that distance.

But perhaps the other reason that Leonard remained aloof is that he was an alcoholic.

As he admits: "I was in bad shape. I would go home every day and drink."

"On weekends I would tell myself I'll have a beer at ten o'clock. By two o'clock I was drinking hard liquor and by five o'clock I'd passed out."

MythBusters may be doing an Indiana Jones special.

Word around the campfire at Discovery is that a special, one-time MythBusters episode will be devoted to debunking the 10 of the most popular Indiana Jones myths of all time! If you've ever wondered how his eye-popping stunts get pulled off or why plot A was chosen over plot B, this episode is one you don't want to miss. All of the most persistent Indiana Jones myths will be to rest in typical Myth Busters fashion, by exposing them to the searing light of investigative truth!

This is a rumor. It may not be true.