June 2nd, 2008


Audio Atrocities: The best of the worst video game audio.

Welcome to Audio Atrocities! This site is intended to be a constantly growing and changing museum for the study and enjoyment of truly terrible video game voice acting in video games from the very first CD system, the Turbografx until the present day.

You'd think that in the 17 years since the first video game with full audio dialogue was created, bad game dubs and acting would have been wiped out, but hey, the movies have been around a LOT longer and there's still plenty of bad movies. We're pretty much assured of more specimens for our museum here for a long time to come. So, sit back and click 'dat button to start your journey through the gloriously and gruesomely awful.

Who could forget "master of unlocking!" and "Jill sandwich": http://www.audioatrocities.com/games/residentevil/index.html

"I hope your death ... ... ... ... ... ... ... will be a lesson to others": http://www.audioatrocities.com/games/tenchu/index.html

They TOTALLY missed all the good clips from http://www.audioatrocities.com/games/castlevania-sotn/index.html -
What bad audio site misses "Die monster, you don't belong in this world!", "What is a man?? A miserable little pile of secrets!" and "Your words are as empty as your soul!"? Come on!
Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

Free speech is officially a crime in the USA.

Thirty-four activists with the group Witness Against Torture have been convicted for protesting against the U.S.-run Guantánamo Bay prison outside the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this year. The demonstration took place on January 11th - the sixth anniversary of the opening of the detention facility at Guantánamo.

As they did in January, several protesters dressed like Guantánamo prisoners in orange jumpsuits and black hoods during their trial. When speaking in court, they each gave their own name followed by the name and biography of a Guantánamo prisoner.

Charged with "unlawful free speech," the defendants were part of a larger group that appealed to the U.S. Supreme Court on the day marking six years of indefinite detention and torture at Guantanamo. Defendants and witnesses said that they really did not expect to be arrested at the Supreme Court, and certainly not charged with the crime of "free speech."

Historian Michael S. Foley, a professor at the City University of New York, teaches the U.S. Constitution to undergraduates. He testified that if "you told me that the defendants would be arrested for 'unlawful free speech' just twenty feet from where the Justices decide First Amendment cases, I'd say you were 'crazy.'"

Trajedy... for YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

*SIX YEARS* AGO: the CS Monitor explains how we bungled bin Laden's capture.

In retrospect, it becomes clear that the battle's underlying story is of how scant intelligence, poorly chosen allies, and dubious military tactics fumbled a golden opportunity to capture bin Laden as well as many senior Al Qaeda commanders.

Moreover, as the US military conducts new strikes with its Afghan allies in nearby Paktia Province, sends special forces into Southeast and Central Asia - and prepares for a possible military plunge into Iraq - planners will need to learn the lessons of Tora Bora: Know which local leaders to trust. Know when to work with allied forces on the ground. And know when to go it alone. "Maybe the only lesson that is applicable is: whenever you use local forces, they have local agendas," says one senior Western diplomat, now looking at options for invading Iraq. "You had better know what those are so that if it is not a reasonable match - at least it is not a contradiction."


Pir Baksh Bardiwal, the intelligence chief for the Eastern Shura, which controls eastern Afghanistan, says he was astounded that Pentagon planners didn't consider the most obvious exit routes and put down light US infantry to block them.

"The border with Pakistan was the key, but no one paid any attention to it," he said, leaning back in his swivel chair with a short list of the Al Qaeda fighters who were later taken prisoner. "And there were plenty of landing areas for helicopters, had the Americans acted decisively. Al Qaeda escaped right out from under their feet."

The intelligence chief contends that several thousand Pakistani troops who had been placed along the border about Dec. 10 never did their job, nor could they have been expected to, given that the exit routes were not being blocked inside Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, back in Jalalabad, the Afghan warlords enlisted by the US to attack Tora Bora were also cutting deals to help the Al Qaeda fighters escape.


Oh, but we've got to keep killing people in Iraq, don't we? Even though the people who did 9/11 aren't in Iraq!

That's alright! As long as we're killing SOMEONE with brown skin, it's a good war!

USA #1!!!!!!
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straight to hell

6 most innovative brothels around the world.

The Pascha was basically created so the local government could keep all of its prostitutes in one clean, easy to track place. Women are rented rooms for 180 euros a day which includes meals and a German booty tax. One floor is for low-cost fun, another is for transsexuals, and we assume one is for scheiße video production.

It also features a hotel, several bars and a pizza delivery service which, honestly, has us clicking around for plane tickets. Again following the fast food model of business, Pascha features a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied which makes us wonder if you have to take the unused portion of your lady to the front desk so you can get a refund.


Current Media: http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/zeropunctuation/2582-Zero-Punctuation-MOH-Airborne