June 14th, 2008

Captain Obvious

Wanna know how completely arbitrary gas prices are?

TIJUANA – At the Pemex gas station on Boulevard Bellas Artes, just a few blocks from the Otay Mesa border crossing, a gallon of Magna gasoline costs $2.54. Or slightly less, if you pay in pesos.

A comparable gallon of unleaded regular gasoline is selling in San Diego County at an average price of $4.61, according to the Utility Consumers' Action Network. Lower gas prices mean American motorists could save almost $54 filling up a two-year-old Ford F150 pickup with a 26-gallon fuel tank in Mexico, or more than $38 to fill a 2006 Toyota Camry with an 18.5-gallon tank.


The oil companies charge whatever they think they can get away with - NOT what their product is actually worth.