June 15th, 2008


Steve Yegge on Static Typing's paper tigers.

I will once again plagiarize myself by transcribing a talk I gave.

First: be warned! I offer this gesture of respect to you — yes, you! — when I say that this is at least 20 minutes of reading. This is long even for me. If you're surfing reddit, gobbling up little information snacks, then it's best to think of this entry as being more like a big downer cow. Unless you're really hungry, you should wait for it to be sliced into little bite-sized prion patties before consuming it.

If you do read it, you'll see the CJD analogy is surprisingly apt. I ramble even more than usual, and lose my train of thought, and the slides might as well be scenes from a David Lynch movie for all the relation they have to my actual talk.

But once again I find myself astonished at how much I agree with myself, by and large. Funny how that works. And I made a few decent jokes here and there. So I'm transcribing it.

If you're impatient, and I wouldn't blame you a bit, the best part is probably "Static Typing's Paper Tigers". That might be worth reading. As for the rest... *shrug* If you're really starved for content, you might find some of it entertaining.


Will read this later tonite...