June 22nd, 2008

Captain Obvious

The House of Saud learns Econ 101.

The Saudis have finally begun to worry that runaway oil prices are not in their long-term interest. For them the best of all possible worlds is one in which oil costs enough to ensure them a steady flow of huge profits but not so much that consumers switch to alternatives. But in the six months that ended April 30, Americans drove 30 billion fewer miles than in the same period during 2006-07, according to the Transportation Department. Toyota's first hydrogen-powered car just rolled off an assembly line in Japan. If this keeps up, the world will no longer be addicted to oil.


RIP George Carlin

As you probably know by now from 10 quadrillion posts on LJ, George Carlin is dead.

A lot of people loved him, and for good reason I think. In remembrance, some of us are posting our favorite Carlin routines.

This is mine: "Saving the planet is bullshit" - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml_-vmy9npA

We can't save or doom the planet. We can only save or doom the human race. If we wipe ourselves out, the planet is going to continue right along with nary a hiccup nor backward glance. Remember what environmentalism is about. It's not about Earth. It's about us.
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