July 3rd, 2008

"Not an angel"

Fireworks run, July 3.

Later today I'm going to do a fireworks run. My co-worker says there's a fireworks stand with a tent by his housing development in Brighton, near Bridge and Telluride. It's unincorporated Adams county out there, so the nanny-state hasn't clamped down as much on what you can and can't buy. I can't be entirely sure what they'll have, but it can't possibly be worse than stands operating under our "no sparklers" bullshit fireworks restrictions here in the people's republic.

I'm not planning on hauling back a lot. Maybe a dozen bottle-rockets, some mortar shells, and maybe a tank or two.

If anyone's interested in coming along, give me a call. Cell number is in the userinfo as always.

Edit: I got the wrong address from my cow-worker. It's actually Baseline and Bonanza/Lowell (same street, two street signs). Actually, it's about 1/4 block north of there, in a grass lot on the West side of Bonanza/Lowell.

There isn't a lot of great stuff. As far as I can tell, nothing that will leave the ground is legal. So no mortar shells, no (sky,bottle)rockets of any kind. But still tanks and ground flowers and fountains and sparklers.