July 6th, 2008


School of bad ideas: Laser-etched tattoos.

when you think about it, it was kind of only a matter of time before people started using laser-etchers to give themselves immaculately detailed burn "tattoos." It's unclear what kind of lasting effects using an Epilog on your own skin will have, but don't be too stunned if it just peels right off and eventually becomes some weird, blurry scar. In other words, attempt this dumbass feat at your own risk. Oh, and you didn't think we would let this one off without a video, did you? It's after the break - too bad there's no smell-o-vision to give off the nauseating scent of precision-burnt human flesh.


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    Neurosis - Burning Flesh In Year Of Pig
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C's History

Thompson's PDP-7 assembler outdid even DEC's in simplicity; it evaluated expressions and emitted the corresponding bits. There were no libraries, no loader or link editor: the entire source of a program was presented to the assembler, and the output file—with a fixed name—that emerged was directly executable. (This name, a.out, explains a bit of Unix etymology; it is the output of the assembler. Even after the system gained a linker and a means of specifying another name explicitly, it was retained as the default executable result of a compilation.)