July 10th, 2008

Captain Obvious

Pelosi is a neo-con running dog, part #6471930582.

Former White House adviser Karl Rove defied a congressional subpoena and refused to testify Thursday about allegations of political pressure at the Justice Department, including whether he influenced the prosecution of a former Democratic governor of Alabama.

Rep. Linda Sanchez, chairman of a House subcommittee, ruled with backing from fellow Democrats on the panel that Rove was breaking the law by refusing to cooperate — perhaps the first step toward holding him in contempt of Congress. A decision on whether to pursue contempt charges now goes to the full Judiciary Committee and ultimately to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.


Gee, I wonder what Pelosi will do. I wonder.

Maybe the same thing she did... when Harriet Miers refused to appear for her subpoena?

Maybe the same thing she did... when John Bolton refused to appear for his subpoena?

Maybe the same thing she did... when Condi Rice refused to appear for her subpoena?

Maybe the same thing she did... the last time Rove refused a subpoena, a year ago?

Pelosi is going to continue to "do" the same exact thing she's done for the past three years: She's going to roll right over for the NeoCons, wag her cute little tail submissively, AND DO ABSOLUTELY FUCKING NOTHING.

Why does Dubya think he can get away with absolutely anything? Because he's right. With cowardly, complicit Quislings like Pelosi and her ilk shooting themselves in the head even faster than the NeoCons can hand them bullets, who exactly is going to stop him? Nobody.

Remember that YOU voted for these fuckheads. YOU put them into office. And now YOU refuse to do anything about them.