July 16th, 2008


If you must run Windows, trash Vista and go with "Workstation" 2008

It's been a little over four months since I made the switch to Windows "Workstation" 2008 as my primary OS environment. Previously, I had struggled to make the generally sluggish and disappointing Windows Vista perform adequately as a Visual Studio development platform. However, the layers of DRM baggage and consumer-centric fluff made life under Vista unbearable - to the point where I even dabbled with Linux for a while as a possible replacement.

When I finally tried Windows Server 2008 it was like a revelation. This was how a "power user" Windows was supposed to behave: Lean, efficient, and highly reliable. Since then, I've been sailing along nicely under my "Workstation" 2008 configuration, and I've picked up some tips and pointers along the way that I think are worth sharing.