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Adventures in Engineering
The wanderings of a modern ronin.

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12:54 am: Game AI Pathfinding - UR DOING IT RONG - 2 Comments
02:22 am: The life and times of a replicator repair ensign. - 5 Comments
01:29 pm: Jesus, Pelosi, how do you manage to continue breathing?? - 4 Comments
03:13 pm: Crowbar sent to CERN - just in case.
05:12 pm: As your lawyer, I advise you to turn off DNS negative caching in XP. - 2 Comments
12:16 pm: The myth of Republican fiscal conservativism. - 8 Comments
12:28 pm: ZP: Ninja Gaiden II - 2 Comments
03:11 pm: Going Rogue - why indy game devs went indy, and what happened when they did.
07:12 pm: The undead parrot is coming for your flesh!!
02:11 am: "Think Tank" is a good Voyager episode. - 6 Comments
03:34 pm: NY amusement park opens "Waterboard Thrill Ride" - uses Spongebob Squarepants as part of promo.
06:25 pm: Things they don't tell you... - 5 Comments
02:03 pm: Vanity Fair interviews Tony Stark.
05:43 pm: As we all know, "security concerns" override the Constitution. :P
06:10 pm: And you thought thread-safe programming was hard? - 2 Comments
09:48 pm: Dubya has been fantastic for the Democratic party.
12:57 am: "Full of gaijin on weekends. Mostly Americans. ABORT ABORT ABORT!"
01:28 am: "Please give this seat to the elderly or disabled." - 1 Comment
02:56 pm: Risk and reward in the brain: it's all about the dopamine.
03:08 pm: Pelosi, on Kucinich's 36 articles of impeachment: "I haven't even read them."
03:16 pm: What's that you say? NeoCons love and glorify war above all else? - 1 Comment
03:47 pm: PETH protesters mob CERN, protest subatomic particle cruelty. - 3 Comments
12:13 pm: Q&A on NASA's ATHLETE robot.
12:22 pm: Mukasey: "It's not a crime unless I say so."
12:32 pm: Business Requirements Gathering is bullshit.
12:43 pm: Guess which language is kicking C and C++'s ass at heavy duty computation? - 10 Comments
02:12 pm: Dead Space gameplay footage
04:06 pm: The Colber Repor takes on pot. - 1 Comment
01:51 pm: Pelosi took impeachment off the table because investigation would implicate her in torture. - 2 Comments
05:01 pm: I am here to ruin your productivity.
05:12 pm: You know you've been watching too much CSI:Miami when... - 1 Comment
05:15 pm: Why Democracy is perpetually in trouble.
01:06 am: Open-source Civic electric vehicle blog.
01:09 pm: 2008 Bulwer-Lytton contest winners. - 1 Comment
03:13 pm: Yatzee re-releases "Art Of Theft"
05:18 pm: Soderbergh In The Park to stage production of 'Ocean's Twelve'
08:52 pm: The Empire invades San Francisco - video footage. - 1 Comment
10:23 pm: Motorcycles are for pussies - try a roller-suit! - 2 Comments
02:37 pm: Triumph insults Comic-Con.
02:37 pm: Yarrr!! RedBeard the Pirate strikes again!
02:56 pm: Ask Reddit: What's the funniest code you've ever seen.
05:27 pm: PAX is the new E3. - 11 Comments
08:39 pm: DragonForce's latest album, "Ultra Beatdown", is available streaming online in its entirety. - 2 Comments
08:56 pm: Scientists clone never-ending supply of type O-neg blood. - 2 Comments
09:15 pm: The Linux slab and SLUB memory allocation sub-systems. - 2 Comments
02:14 pm: Did YOUR cell phone greet you with a marching band when you unboxed it?
04:41 pm: Best FireFox about:config settings.
05:08 pm: Susan Eisenhower goes independent. - 1 Comment
05:26 pm: High-Performance Network Programming in C and Unix.
06:01 pm: Robot to human: "LOL, n00b!" - 1 Comment
09:29 pm: Vincent Bulgosi's book, "The Prosecution Of George W. Bush For Murder"
12:46 pm: Quit damning C with your faint praise. - 3 Comments
08:05 pm: Oh NOES. Teh nerdz has teh bat'leth!! - 6 Comments
12:16 pm: The paraplegic walk again... with a little exoskeletal help. - 3 Comments
01:19 am: Soldiers, post-Iraq.
12:14 pm: How to catch the clap at Burning Man. - 1 Comment
12:47 pm: DNC lolitics update - Denver police announce the time (w/video).
02:35 pm: Body Hacking for the 21st century.
03:20 pm: TEH LIZARDS ARE A CONSPIRACY!! - 4 Comments
03:51 pm: Our future canine masters are pleased by this "robothrower". - 2 Comments
04:58 pm: Inside Gordon Freeman's mind - episode 4.
07:55 pm: Angry Video Game Nerd full archives.
05:15 am: More physics-based fun: Armadillo Run - 2 Comments
09:32 pm: Zero Punctuation: Braid
10:03 pm: Pelosi heckled all over Denver. - 1 Comment
10:31 pm: Depth and reflectance map auto-capture with two photos - one with flash, one without. - 2 Comments
12:47 pm: Free download from Cradle Of Filth - title track from the new album.
01:18 pm: Eye tracking with your webcam. - 3 Comments
02:26 pm: The metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. - 7 Comments
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