August 13th, 2008

Captain Obvious

Pelosi took impeachment off the table because investigation would implicate her in torture.

Lindorff just stated in his interview on station KGO in San Francisco, that Pelosi probably took impeachment off the table because the actual hearings might force her to admit Congress’ complicity in allowing the torture techniques used on prisoners in Guantanamo Bay and elsewhere. Additionally, LA Congresswoman Jane Harman, who sat on the Congressional Committee dealing with torture, also admits she was briefed on the torture techniques and essentially, Congress signed off on them anyway.

Essentially, the foot-dragging on impeachment is because Pelosi’s paw-prints are all over legislation that virtually allowed Bush to ignore Congress and do whatever the hell he wanted, while Congress abdicated its oversight responsibility and broke the system of Checks and Balances by failing to check the Executive Branch in its grab for power.