August 19th, 2008

"Not an angel"

Ask Reddit: What's the funniest code you've ever seen.

#define like {
#define man ;}
#define an ;
#define SayBro /*
#define CheckItOut */

SayBro like, this is some rad shit, so CheckItOut

    a = b
    c = d

Collapse )

See also, Google code search on "die_you_gravy_sucking_pig_dog()".
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PAX is the new E3.

I'm going to Penny Arcade Expo this year.

My flight leaves about 8pm on Fri the 29th and I'll be back at DIA about midnight on Sun the 31st.

I will have my cell phone with me while I'm in Shi-ah-toh-ru, so if you should need to get in touch with me urgently, the cell phone number is in my LJ userinfo as always.

I'll have my digicam and laptop with me too, and plan on taking as many pictures as my poor little 32MB memory card can handle. (Probably have to dump it twice a day.)
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DragonForce's latest album, "Ultra Beatdown", is available streaming online in its entirety.

"Ultra Beatdown", the new album from DRAGONFORCE, is available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page.

"Ultra Beatdown" is scheduled for release in North America on August 26 (one day earlier internationally) via Roadrunner Records.
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"Not an angel"

Scientists clone never-ending supply of type O-neg blood.

Scientists have used embryonic stem cells to generate blood -- a feat that could eventually lead to endless supplies of type O-negative blood, a rare blood type prized by doctors for its versatility.

"We literally generated whole tubes in the lab, from scratch," said Robert Lanza, chief science officer at Advanced Cell Technologies.

People usually require blood transfusions that match their own blood type: A mismatch can be fatal. Type O-negative can be safely transferred into anyone, but is only possessed by about 7 percent of the population, leaving supplies perpetually short.

Local vampires were reportedly overjoyed at the news. ;]
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