September 9th, 2008


Crowbar, strategy guide, and plush head-crab sent to CERN.

And we weren't alone, along with support from all over the Internet, the good folks at Fark not only supported our cause, but sent us a Half Life strategy guide for the physicists at CERN to follow. One very, very quiet physicist in particular, actually.

After the initial order, a dandy paint job, we're ready to ship! Here are the photos from our office to prove it. We've been in touch with an intrepid physicist at the lab who goes by Alpinekat and will not stand idly by while Earth is conquered.

She may also take photos/video for us. Here are some shots from the reddit hq prior to shipping. Don't worry, we included a note: "Get this to Gordon Freeman. He'll know what to do."

Just in time for the big event on Wednesday!