September 11th, 2008


Nine Inch Fail

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I missed this when it flashed on the screen at the NIN show, but j_b saw it and mentioned it to me when it happened.

I saw them at the LA Forum last weekend. It was the most amazing video and light show I have ever seen and I have been to maybe 40+ shows? It was like watching a video in realtime.

The singers basically had 2 screens behind them most of the time and one screen in front. The two most memorable displays were when the front displayed tv static and a hole would open to show trent reznor singing. Then it would close and he would reappear elsewhere.

Then there was one display where the band was behind one screen and there was a display of rain falling at a 45 degree angle. Then a jagged whole opened to show the band playing.

Go to youtube and google "nine inch nails forum". I am still absorbing it...

He mostly uses macs from what I remember and is very tech savvy so I would guess that was a joke. I didn't notice it at the show I was at. I also liked how he morphed bush's face into john mccains.


The tv static trick was really neat. I think the way it works is, the LED curtain is actually a bunch of LED strips. You can use compressed air to blow them away for a second, making it look like a hole is opening in the static.

To say it again: It was the best stage show I have ever seen.
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Who rules SanAntonio-town!

San Antonio, Texas will be the first city in the United States to produce natural gas from the methane that comes from the poop of its residents on a large, profitable scale. Our excrement is being more technically referred to as "biosolids" by the companies and agencies involved in the project. And the project is by no means a joke.

San Antonio signed a deal with a Massachusetts company that will make the city’s waste into natural gas. According to the principal operator of the city’s water system, Steve Clouse, "the private vendor will come onto the facility, construct some gas cleaning systems, remove the moisture, remove the carbon dioxide content, and then sell that gas on the open market." The gas will then be sold to companies who can use it in power plants and fuel furnaces.
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