October 16th, 2008


Writing injection-proof SQL.

Googling for "SQL injection" gets about 4 million hits. The topic excites interest and superstitious fear. This whitepaper demystifies the topic and explains a straightforward approach to writing database PL/SQL programs that provably guarantees their immunity to SQL injection.

Only when a PL/SQL subprogram executes SQL that it creates at run time is there a risk of SQL injection; and you'll see that it's easier than you might think to freeze the SQL at PL/SQL compile time. Then you'll understand that you need the rules which prevent the risk only for the rare scenarios that do require run-time-created SQL. It turns out that these rules are simple to state and easy to follow.


via bruce_schneier
"Not an angel"

Why isn't there a barber on Voyager?

I know, I know, because it's just a TV show.

But seriously, why isn't everyone on that ship as shaggy as a sheepdog? Sonic showers, a medical hologram - they've pretty much got all your biological needs covered. EXCEPT for hair.

Do they put something in the water to prevent people's hair from growing? Does the constant presence of a warp field inhibit follicles?

Don't tell me everyone cuts their own hair. Their perfectly coifed appearances argues conclusively against it.

Do the crew have to cut each other's hair? Has anyone ever "accidentally" taken a snip at Tuvoc's ear in the process?

Or is a haircut something you can get the replicator to do? Like, stick your head in there and say "Computer, take an inch off the top?" Has anyone ever lost part of their parietal lobes this way?

Is leaving behind a little bit of your hair each time a function that's built into the transporter? And does this piss off the people whose planet they're visiting? ("Yeah, the Voyager crew just beamed out. Hand me the broom...")

Is there a holodeck barber shop? If so, where does the hair go when you "End program"?

(Rumors that Neelix uses finely chopped hair as a "finishing touch" on his Talaxian souffle are entirely unfounded. That's just how his cooking always tastes!)
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