October 21st, 2008


A peek inside memcached's implementation.

I think memcached's design is inspiring, I particularly like the following things:

* It's implemented in C, making it really fast
* In order to optimize memory they have implemented their own memory management - pretty good choice as it's memcached biggest bottleneck
* It uses non-blocking IO which makes it a really amazing choice when combined with Nginx
* Their expiring mechanism is simple and does not waste CPU time

I simply think they have attacked this the right way and memcached is an amazing product without much overhead or things that you don't need.


Future input methods: Swype

Swiping the word "quick"

Everyone who has owned a cellphone over the last 10 years should at some point pour one out in thanks to Cliff Kushler, one of the inventors of the T9 text entry system that knows you mean "DONKEY" when you type 366539 in an SMS. Now Cliff is smartly shifting his focus on touchscreens with Swype, a way to type blindingly fast on a touchscreen by tracing your finger or stylus over the letters you want without lifting up, connect-the-dots style. It looks frankly amazing in a demo — so amazing that we remembered we've seen it somewhere before.



This would be a good time to bitch about what a serious hassle it is to enter text on the iTouch. The keyboard itself will never be big enough - after all, the screen it's displayed on is the size of a credit card. They should really use something like this. And allow me to use a stylus and/or my fingernail so that I can be sure of which key I'm touching. As opposed to my fat finger touching three keys at a time, and the device magically assuming the key nearest the center of my fingerprint is the one I wanted. The magnifier thing needs some tweaking too. When I try and edit a URL in Safari, landscape mode, the magnifier pops above the URL bar, right off the top of the screen. Then I can't see what I'm editing.