October 28th, 2008


The roomie brought home GH: World Tour today.

...for the PS3. What do I think so far? Let's get right to the meat of it:

How are the drums? The pads are great. I like them as much as the Rock Band 2 drum pads. The sticks bounce back nicely when you hit them. It remains to be seen if they'll wear out as fast as the RB2 pads - nakano's RB2 set seems to be mushy already, after only two months of weekly use. The hats, on the other hand... feel about like drumming on a piece of plywood. They're that stiff and dead. And you'll spend a lot of time hitting them, since GH:WT's default hand positioning seems to be right hand above left, right hand hitting yellow hat, left hand hitting red pad. The pedal is a mixed bag. It's oversprung, so much that it occasionally pushed my resting foot up far enough to trigger a beat. Feels real cheap and plastic-y, and is far mushier than I think reasonable. At least the travel is short.

Frankly, I think both the GH:WT and RB2 drum pedals are lousy. If you don't have an omega pedal, get one post-haste.

How's the guitar. I think it's clearly better than the RB2 guitar. It has a couple flaws: The buttons are still the same old mushy crap GH1 buttons. And the neck is thick, so it's painful on my wrist to thumb-fret the green button. On the other hand, there are also a set of touch-sensitive pads lower down on the neck, for hammering and sliding notes. (These are active only when you see a purple line coming down the track, which is lots of fun while it lasts.) The body of the guitar is slightly bigger and heavier than the RB2 guitar, which is a change for the better IMO. Strap's longer. The whammy bar is both heavier and harder sprung, and I find it far superior to the one on the RB2 guitar. (Which never felt right to me.) And since they weren't stupid, the overdrive button isn't under the whammy bar, so you don't end up accidentally overdriving when you don't mean to. If you don't want to tilt the guitar to engage overdrive, you can hit the big "SELECT" bar that sits where the bridge is on a normal electric guitar. I find this a huge improvement as well. The strummer absolutely rocks. It's obviously micro-switch based, you can hear it going click-click all the time. That will probably annoy some people, but I am happy to make the trade. The action is so precise, you always know exactly when it's going to break over. The strummer travel is a bit long, but you won't notice after two songs. Not sure how it will age, but switches are small and cheap, I bet you can replace them pretty easily.

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