December 9th, 2008


The Libertarian Party's witch-trials.

Forget the war and the depression. Leaders of the Libertarian Party are instead fixated on alienating those in their own party who still take libertarian principles seriously. Those who dissent from the LP's new strategy of a watered-down platform and soft-Republican national politics will be unwelcome, even purged. Hence the witch trial of Angela Keaton, one of the few principled libertarians on the Libertarian National Committee, after a protracted smear campaign against her for PC thought-crimes and refusing to toe the Barr-Root-party line.

You'd think, of all people, libertarians would be acutely aware of the dangers of political parties...

Vegan until 6pm - weight loss for busy people.

For some people, a shift of 10 percent of calories from animal to plant may feel significant, though I doubt it; it would be the equivalent of maybe not having chicken on a Caesar salad at lunch. A person making that kind of shift, along with cutting way back on junk food and carbohydrates, might still see positive health changes. But a shift of 50 percent - replacing half your animal calories with plant calories - would be significant and need a conscious effort.

The goal of eating sanely is not to cut calories; it will happen naturally. Nor is the goal to cut protein, though again, you'll wind up eating less. The goal is not to cut fat, either; in fact, you'll eat more of it, though different fat (the same is true of carbohydrates). And the goal isn't to save money, though you probably will; think of the cost of rolled oats ($1 a pound) and, say, Honey Bunches of Oats (about $5 a pound). Rather, the goal is to eat less of certain foods and more of others - specifically, plants, as close to their natural state as possible. Above all, this is a shift in perspective, one that means better eating for both your body and the planet.