December 19th, 2008

Captain Obvious

NegativeGamer's Worst of 2k8 awards.

Most blatant grab at the casual market
- The New Xbox Experience

Taking a page out of Nintendo’s book, and knowing the loyal, community driven fanbase would support anything Microsoft produced, the NXE was born. A combination of Mii clones, advertising, apple-esk user-interfaces and more PR spin than I have ever seen, the NXE is Microsoft’s pulling of the Xbox through the casual hedge. Happily ruining picture-packs, themes and simplicity, Microsoft showed no regard for their hardcore fanbase, instead aiming all of their might at the gamer’s family. They just want money, and they know their fans are too busy laughing at the failing PS3 to notice.

See also: Quick, look over there! (It's less expensive that way.)
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