January 8th, 2009

"Not an angel"

Not The Onion - Porn industry demands bailout

Another major American industry is asking for assistance as the global financial crisis continues: Hustler publisher Larry Flynt and Girls Gone Wild CEO Joe Francis said Wednesday they will request that Congress allocate $5 billion for a bailout of the adult entertainment industry.

“The take here is that everyone and their mother want to be bailed out from the banks to the big three,” said Owen Moogan, spokesman for Larry Flynt. “The porn industry has been hurt by the downturn like everyone else and they are going to ask for the $5 billion. Is it the most serious thing in the world? Is it going to make the lives of Americans better if it happens? It is not for them to determine.”

Francis said in a statement that “the US government should actively support the adult industry's survival and growth, just as it feels the need to support any other industry cherished by the American people."

“We should be delivering [the request] by the end of today to our congressmen and [Secretary of the Treasury Henry] Paulson asking for this $5 billion dollar bailout,” he told CNN Wednesday.



The anti-ghosting trash can TV antenna.

I took a standard UHF bowtie antenna and mounted it to the bottom of the can. The metal bottom makes a great back reflector, the can provides the multipath shielding, and the U-bolt that came with the antenna mounts the whole thing on the pole. (I can even use the handles to tie guy wires to so that the wind doesn't move the can.) I mounted a F-81 barrel for the coax connection. And I even got 2dBmV MORE signal level than my original design!


See also: My TV is a radar for the Canary Wharf buildings.

Digital sub-sampling PSK receivers - simple, low-power, no tuning required.

The receiver employs double differential detection to be robust against Doppler shift and uses subsampling with a 1-bit A/D converter and digital decimation architecture at the front end to achieve low-power consumption. The receiver is also designed to be programmable to operate using single-stage differential detection instead of double-stage differential detection at low Doppler rates to obtain optimum performance. Furthermore, the baseband can be employed in either direct subsampling or intermediate frequency (IF)-sampling front ends. Both front ends offer minimal power consumption and differ from traditional types by replacing some conventional analog components such as a voltage-controlled oscillator, mixer, or phase-locked loop with their digital counterparts. This eliminates problems due to dc offset, dc voltage drifts, and low-frequency (LF) noise. The paper also includes a brief discussion of the nonidealities existing in real applications. The proposed phase shift keying (PSK) receiver supports a wide range of data rates from 0.1-100 Kbps and has been implemented in a CMOS process.


Well, since nobody will sell me a zero-IF non-coherent binary DPSK receiver...
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Also not The Onion: Ski races called off because it's just too damn cold!

Subzero temperatures Tuesday canceled another day of competition at the U.S. Cross Country Ski Championships. Organizers waited more than an hour past the scheduled noon start before calling off a pair of distance races. Skiers won't compete unless temperatures are at least 4 degrees below zero.

Races finally began Monday after a series of cancellations over the weekend because of the frigid conditions. Organizers were not confident the temperature would remain warm enough Tuesday afternoon for the races to be complete.


Note: They won't start the races until the temperature rises above -5. They waited all day, and it still didn't happen.

I accidentally the entire space elevator.

I have run a few simulations of a space elevator breaking. This page summarizes some results, and gives you access to animations. The elevator is broken up into 200 pieces and simulated by a springs and masses model. Heavy damping is added by placing dampers in parallel with the springs, this eliminates spurious high frequency noise caused by the discrete pieces of elevator hitting the Earth. Moreover, it is plausible that there will be a certain amount of longitudinal damping in the real material (it could even be engineered in). A time step of 0.5 seconds was used. A simple Euler algorithm is used for solving the differential equation. The simulation is done in a geocentric reference frame rotating with the Earth. Only gravity, centrifugal force and coriolis forces are taken into account. In addition, the Earth is modeled as an impenetrable body with friction on its surface.


I think this one is my favorite.