January 11th, 2009

"Not an angel"

Clarkson continues trolling the media over the Tesla; hilarity ensues.

But slightly wonky handling is nothing compared with this car’s big problems. First of all, it costs £90,000. This means it is three times more than the Lotus Elise, on which it is loosely based, and 90,000 times more than it is actually worth.


For those of you a little slow on the uptake, Clarkson just said that the Tesla Roadster is only worth £1. ;]

Does Clarkson actually hate the Tesla? I don't think so. To me he just seems annoyed that he reported legit problems (fuse blowing out, 50 mile actual hard driving range vs 200 mile claimed - neither of which Tesla denies) and then got bashed to the moon for doing so. Also, I think he's plenty media savvy enough to know that all this media attention he's getting for Top Gear is ultimately a good thing, and he needs to keep the streak alive as long as possible. In short, he's trolling. And he knows it. You have to admire how beautifully it's working...

As for me, I still think the Tesla is the coolest thing on wheels. (See John Carmack's review at the bottom of this page.) My only beef with Clarkson is his continued insistence on using charge times based on a conventional wall socket - or even a small personal windmill. Neither scenario is going to actually happen in the real world, unless the owner of the car being recharged really truly wants to do things that way. It's a straw man that he (or someone at TG) made up, either because they had nothing else to say about the Tesla, or because they wanted to intentionally cause some drama^W discussion.

Notes on buying and consuming bulk caffeine.


1/4 teaspoon = 755mg. Mixed into a gallon (128 oz) of fruit juice, that's 63 mg per 12 oz. Stronger than Mountain Dew, which is "only" 55 mg per 12 oz.

1000 mg in a gram, so 100 g = 100,000 mg. At 755 mg per gallon, 100g is enough for 132 gallons. Not bad for $12.

Handling: A light-duty mask and eye protection are recommended. Caffeine can be absorbed through the eyes and mucous membranes, and a mere 0.3 grams (300 mg) is considered an overdose.

Storage: Keep away from children. Also dogs, since caffeine is fairly toxic to them. An airtight container is recommended.