February 23rd, 2009

straight to hell

Bastard Of The Old Republic: Being as evil as possible in KotOR.

The first terrible thing I did hurt these poorest people the most. On the surface was a doctor's office. He was a kindly man, assisted by a rather unpleasant and slimy individual, and offered me free treatment. Talking to him like complete dirt, I made it clear that he'd better treat me for free, and then began poking around his office. Any locked door was an open invitation to Simon Evil, and I immediately busted it open, to the doctor's horror. He was secretly treating the very poorest citizens, for free, against the wishes of the crimelord Davik and the Sith occupiers. The conversation options presented me with wonderful choices, where I could help him in his endeavours, support this altruism and heap praise upon him. I told him that if he didn't give me all the money and health packs he had, I'd report him to the authorities. He handed it all over in a panic.

It hurt to do it. Seriously, I physically winced. People who run illegal clinics in terrifying dictatorships around the world are some of Earth's greatest and bravest heroes. Blackmailing this wonderful man was a horrifying choice to make. But worse was my reaction upon learning that there was a serum that cured the disease that was killing the poor in their thousands. With a sample of this serum, currently controlled by the Sith, he would be able to synthesise enough to give it away and eradicate the disease completely. I had to find that serum, and I had to make sure it never got to that doctor.

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Captain Obvious

The adventures of rice boy and his dog, Lincoln Electric.

Alright, after reading a ton of threads on welding up gears for extra traction, i went ahead and welded mine up.

I put the third back in and went to pull out of my garage, and I just roasted my clutch. I figured that maybe there was some slag left in the bearing, so i dropped it in 4lo and lo and behold something broke loose.


I'm really pissed at all this BS talk. I welded my junk really wel. And now my driveline is twisted up like a damn pretzel.

You are all a bunch of shit talkin Jerks.

What the hell did you all do differently?


"I welded my junk really wel."


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