February 27th, 2009


It's moron on the road day in Boulder.

I was nearly hit not once, but twice on my .6 mile bike ride to work this morning. To his credit, the first guy noticed me at the last second and jammed on his brakes, so that would have been a light hit. I was plenty aware of him, and had stopped well short of his line of travel.

The second guy, though... had I not stopped, he would have plowed right over me in his SUV. And given how much attention he was paying, probably would have dragged me a couple blocks before figuring out that anything was wrong.

The idiots own the roads today. Watch yourself out there.

John Carmack and Marty Stratton talk about building Quake Live.

[Creating] The gameplay side of things went really pretty much as we expected. The plan was to take the old codebase, and modernize it a little bit. There have been so many people who have played the game for nine years or so and have tried out lots of things in the different mods. While you'll never have a complete consensus, with some improvements, it [comes close].

So we did integrate a lot of the changes that people almost universally agreed on - some things with item placement, weapon balance, and tuning the different parts of the game. All of the levels are cleaned up visually.

We added some things with the in-game advertising, but also took the opportunity to tighten up the visual presentation on everything and improve the lighting. All that went pretty much the way we expected. That didn't go massively over time budget or anything.

What really hurt us was the initial thought of putting a web interface on it. Some things surrounding the game were certainly overly trivialized by us. That's easy to do when you say, "Oh, we're hotshot game developers. This web stuff can't be too hard because so many people do it."

There's a little bit of a humbling lesson there in how much work we did have to do with all the things on browser compatibility and backend database integration and optimization.

Things like that that really had taken a couple times longer than we expected them to. But on the other hand, the entire product package is a lot slicker than I envisioned in my mind's eye when I threw out the napkin design for this a year and a half ago.